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What is Love, Money, and Happiness?

Love, Money, and Happiness is a life changing and moving seven week training doing a deep dive into these areas in our lives. Our world today is almost obsessed with finding all of these and wanting all in great abundance! This training draws from the EST movement in the 70’s, the New Age movement in the 80’s, the home birth movement, the family of origin and co-dependency revelations of the late 80’s and early 90’s, boundaries, meditation, yoga, the prosperity consciousness belief system, the teachings of Dr. Gabor Mate and the advances that have been made in brain science in the last ten years. 


The LMH training includes lectures, group exercises and interactive experiences. The training meets once per week for seven weeks and each session will last approximately three hours.  Class sizes will vary from five to eleven participants. Day and evening trainings are available.   Cost $395.

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