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I am a portrait photographer at “Cliff Bruce Studio”, a trainer for baseball teams with Bright Lights Baseball and the visionary at Love, Money and Happiness.   My guess is you must be wondering how one person could be involved with all these pursuits.  I wish I could say that the process was a great plan on my part and that I “began with the end in mind”.   My path has allowed me to be proficient in all three.


The fascination for photography starting in elementary school was the inspiration for the beginning of the journey to becoming an accomplished portrait photographer.  My bridal work was greatly influenced by Wendell Powell who was the undisputed greatest bridal photographer of all time.  Many others helped me along the way with the bridal work and photographing families, children, high school seniors and babies, notably Aubrey Whitenack, Randy Pearce, John Broadwater, Karsh of Ottawa, Paul Skipworth, Joe Lust and Hubert Gentry.  Without them I would be a shadow of who I am today.  I am blessed to have learned from them all.   

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“Bright Lights Baseball” is an outgrowth of Video Message, a training started prior to the popularity of posting your own videos to advertize your business or service.  During the launch of Video Message I knew there was a future in the sports world utilizing some of the same aspects we used to help someone to become a better speaker and being clear on what they do.  Having grown up in a baseball family and having two sons who played travel and high school ball have given me countless  hours of watching batters at the plate.  It has been said that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports.   Bright Lights Baseball deals with a player’s thinking at the plate, not technique.  Technique is the coach’s job.


“Love, Money, and Happiness” - What a name!  This is the most surprising of these three pursuits.  It is a training that deals with our issues with love, money, and happiness.  Our world today is almost obsessed with finding all of these and wanting all in great abundance!  This training draws from the EST movement in the 70’s, the New Age movement in the 80’s, the home birth movement, the family of origin and co-dependency revelations of the late 80’s and early 90’s, boundaries, meditation, yoga, the prosperity consciousness belief system, and the advances that have been made in brain science in the 10’s.

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