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What team takes this training?

  • You are an experienced team and want to get noticed by scouts/colleges

  • You are an up and coming team and want to move to the next level

  • You are a young, brand new team just starting out

This training is for you if you can identify with any of the following when you are at the plate or in the field:

  • Your heart rate increases too much as your time to bat approaches

  • Your legs and body feel nervous as you walk to the plate

  • Your mind goes wonky when you step into the batters box

  • You don’t trust your instincts at the plate; you have negative self talk

  • You are in the field and are afraid the ball will come to you

Structure of training:

  • Class meets for seven weeks, once per week

  • An hour of practice each week outside of class - working on your talk/message, watching videos, visualization, etc.

  • Each player presents a one to two minute talk each week

  • Class is 90% experiential/10% instruction

  • Class is conducted in a safe and supportive environment.  You will only be asked to “move a little” outside of your comfort zone each week.

  • Each player is videoed weekly and videos are posted on YouTube for review

  • Team building exercises to learn about group dynamics

Cost of training:

$895 per team​

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