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     The way people communicate undoubtedly evolves as we create more and more advanced technology. How can you improve your connection with a potential customer/client/donor/patient using the technology available to you?    What if there was a way to build rapport online before you ever meet them in person?   Most websites today only have a picture of the person and a short  description.  Instead, this class will help you develop a two minute video explaining why a consumer should choose your service.  This class is a new and groundbreaking marketing strategy.


     You will be coached on your presentation, message and authenticity to  ensure that you are accurately projecting your value to potential customers.

     Video Message also has several divisions for other groups such as sports teams or high school students. The goal of these divisions is for those individuals to gain clarity and focus in what they do and what they want to do. Helping individuals with a high amount of potential such as a high school student will undoubtedly lead to higher performance.

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Video Message for Corporations

Video Message for Individuals

Video Message for Sports Teams

Video Message for High School Students

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